01 Nov 2015 by Zhenke Wu

Math Equations

We do plenty of math, so I’d like to test out MathJax support.

Here is an example of MathJax inline rendering — $ 1/x^{2} $. And here is a block rendering:

Now, if we’d like to get serious, we’d do something involving multiline aligned equations, like

or even an inline formula like $ \sum_{t=0}^{\infty} \frac{x^t}{t!} = e^x$.

Or we could try defining a command, like this. $ \newcommand{\water}{\mathrm{H}_{2}\mathrm{O}} $

Buffer slides off the sides of our tubes like off a duck’s back.

Or a more fancy set of equations:

Or to write the case likelihood function of PLCM model (Wu et al. 2015):

One can also use some doses of number theory…

{% include JB/video id="0Oazb7IWzbA" provider="youtube" %}