Research Group Members

I’m extremely fortunate to work with several amazing students to whom I serve as primary or co-advisor.

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

PhD Candidate (Biostatistics); May 2019 - MS

PhD Student (Biostatistics), 2018-present

PhD Candidate (Biostat, Co-Advising with Veera Baladandayuthapani); May 2017 - MS

MSc Student (Biostatistics); 2019-present

PhD Student (Biostat, Co-Advising with Thomas Braun); May 2018 - MS

PhD Student, Biostat, 2020-present

PhD Student (Biostat, Co-Advising with Walter Dempsey); May 2020 - MS


May 2019 - PhD (Statistics); NSF Graduate Fellow

MS of Applied Statistics; Dec 2018

Summer Students: